End Child Slavery on West African Cocoa Farms

Child slaves are being used to work and harvest cocoa on the farms in West Africa.  We thought this issue was resolved with the Harkin-Engel Protocol of 2001.  This protocol signed by all of the major importers and manufactures of cocoa called for a vast reduction in the problem by 2005 and another milestone in 2008.  Sadly, there is little evidence that anything has changed. Fortunately, media attention in 2007 has prompted some new action from the agencies involved. If we keep on top of this, it will make it harder for those involved to fade back into the woodwork when media attention dies out. Our mission is not to boycott cocoa or chocolate but to put pressure on the powers involved to implement what is already in place.


L’association (loi 1901) Survie a trois objectifs principaux : ramener à la raison démocratique la politique de la France en Afrique (lutte contre la Françafrique et le néocolonialisme), combattre la banalisation du génocide et réinventer la solidarité internationale par la promotion des Biens Publics mondiaux.

The movement for tribal peoples

We work with hundreds of tribal communities and organizations. We are funded almost entirely by concerned members of the public and some foundations. We will not take national government money, because governments are the main violators of tribal peoples’ rights, nor will we take money from companies which might be abusing tribal peoples.

Friends of Ethiopians Jews

Friends of Ethiopians Jews, Inc. (FEJ) was started by members of the American Association for Ethiopian Jews (AAEJ) and other veteran activists dedicated to assisting the Ethiopian Jewish community.


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    • Well you look like you had success on the product, but do you just take the product and nothing else? Have you also incorporated exercise and diet? Good luck.

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